Viv’s 10L interview

by Viv Cole on August 6, 2021

I enjoyed the opportunity to be interviewed by Myles Runham

Some thought-provoking questions, flattered to join esteemed interviewees and an opportunity to inflict one of my holiday snaps on the world.


12 performance consulting questions for L&D

by Viv Cole on April 12, 2021

Whether you use 5Di, ADDIE or another model for learning design, here are the 12 questions I’ve found most important to ask at the start of a learning and development project (and validated with my network via LinkedIn):

1. Who is the target audience? (total numbers and segments)
2. What would success look like? (evidence/metrics before and after)
3. How can we measure success?
4. Who (if anyone) demonstrates the target behaviour?
5. What has been tried so far?
6. What do you see as the main barriers to success?
7. Other than a learning intervention, what else needs to happen to achieve success?
8. What would happen if we did nothing? (what quick stop-gap solutions could the business mobilise?)
9. What is the budget?
10. Which stakeholders need to be involved?
11. What do the stakeholders and target audience care about?
12. What is driving the timelines?

Offering these questions up so that people can do more effective performance consulting. Of course there’s a skill to following up these questions with probing questions and insights…in much the same way that knowing “Tell me about a time when you demonstrated competency XYZ.” does not make you a skilled job interviewer.


Five valuable benefits that the disaggregation of training risks destroying

November 2, 2020

Face to face (F2F) training has sharply decreased owing to Covid. The longer that lockdowns drag on, the more that organisations will question if they ever will return to using F2F training. Most discussion has focused on which parts of the formal F2F learning experience can be replicated using other digital channels e.g. virtual classroom. […]

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Save yourself lots of time by not reading self-help books?

August 10, 2020

Over the years I’ve enjoyed/been guilty of reading many self-help books and the lockdown has been an opportunity to read several more. Chris Taylor distils the advice from hundreds of self-help books into 11 pieces of advice:

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3 learning and development trends that will outlive lockdown

May 15, 2020

As the lockdown continues without an apparent end in sight, there are three trends in L&D that have accelerated. The longer the lockdown, the more likely these are to become the new business as usual. Here are some ideas based on this week’s conversations with @MylesRunham and many others…and a link to Andrew Cotter’s excellent Zoom […]

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Is the affective context model of memory true?

December 16, 2019

I’ve enjoyed reading Nick Shackleton-Jones’s book “How people learn” and a subsequent talk by him. Although I like the direction that he’s trying to nudge corporate L&D in, I have a few reservations about the ‘science bit’. Whilst I agree that mainstream psychology seems to have gone down a blind alley with experiments testing recall […]

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What do you take away from the Game of Life?

April 17, 2019

Easter holidays. A great time when we break out the board games in the Cole household. A particular favourite is The Game of Life (published by Hasbro). As a learning designer who often creates mini games for business purposes, I’m always interested in the subtext of a game – the behaviours and tactics that get […]

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Three things I learned from making it into the UK top 200

March 19, 2019

The rapidly changing business environment means that increasingly people need T-shaped skills profiles (deep expertise in one or more domains and a broad awareness of several areas). As change accelerates, people will need to reinvent the vertical part of their T more often. The conventional wisdom (Gladwell et al.) is that it takes 10,000 hours […]

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Subject matter experts – time for a re-brand?

November 15, 2018

The last 20 years has seen the evolution of terminology from Computer-Based Learning to e-learning to digital learning (and beyond). One term that has been static is SME (subject matter expert). Given how much the world and technology has changed in that time, is it time for a re-think? One Big Four firm has already […]

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Three ways GDPR changes life for L&D managers

April 6, 2018

GDPR is one of e-learning’s hot topics in 2018. Here’s a blog that I co-wrote with Brightwave’s Head of QA, Simon Hollobon, on how it will affect L&D managers when they have a breathing space from getting learning to their colleagues about GDPR.

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