12 performance consulting questions for L&D

by Viv Cole on April 12, 2021

Whether you use 5Di, ADDIE or another model for learning design, here are the 12 questions I’ve found most important to ask at the start of a learning and development project (and validated with my network via LinkedIn):

1. Who is the target audience? (total numbers and segments)
2. What would success look like? (evidence/metrics before and after)
3. How can we measure success?
4. Who (if anyone) demonstrates the target behaviour?
5. What has been tried so far?
6. What do you see as the main barriers to success?
7. Other than a learning intervention, what else needs to happen to achieve success?
8. What would happen if we did nothing? (what quick stop-gap solutions could the business mobilise?)
9. What is the budget?
10. Which stakeholders need to be involved?
11. What do the stakeholders and target audience care about?
12. What is driving the timelines?

Offering these questions up so that people can do more effective performance consulting. Of course there’s a skill to following up these questions with probing questions and insights…in much the same way that knowing “Tell me about a time when you demonstrated competency XYZ.” does not make you a skilled job interviewer.

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