About me

Hi…welcome to From the Coleface, brought to you from sunny Sussex by Viv Cole.

As a former training manager at a Big Four accountancy firm, I know many of the pressures that you are under. My interest in learning within professional services led me to found the Professional Services e-learning Forum.

I make the time to read and surf publications about training and e-learning and I get to judge the Learning Technologies Awards. I’ll pick out the most important and relevant items and summarise them for you.

This blog gives me a chance to reflect properly and keep my favourite hobby horses exercised. Look out for “don’t believe the hype”, “where’s the evidence for that?”,”so how does that actually work” and several questionable metaphors and analogies.

Out of work, I like playing the piano, paragliding, drinking tea, skiing, being a father, travel and playing chess blindfold, but not necessarily all at the same time…

If you want to get in touch, contact details are here.

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