10 top tips for using audio in e-learning

by Viv Cole on October 15, 2012

At last week’s eLearning Network conference I led a practical instructional design session on audio and e-learning. As Bill Miller’s earlier session had covered learner’s emotional states  and readiness to learn, it was easy to make the point that audio used well can connect emotionally with learners in a way that screen text can’t reach.

Here’s a lightly edited summary of the group’s top ten tips on using audio.

  1. Be clear about how you think audio will enhance the learners’ experience
  2. Avoid repeating the text on the screen verbatim
  3. Use short clips
  4. Use the highest sound quality possible
  5. Consider non-voiceover audio where appropriate e.g. music
  6. Avoid reading from a script (make it sound more authentic)
  7. Allow learners to control playback speed
  8. Respect cultural differences
  9. Use real people (rather than actors) when appropriate e.g. for expert credibility
  10. Include an option to turn off the audio

The Cathy Moore reference that I cited was http://blog.cathy-moore.com/2010/09/do-we-really-need-narration/

Feel free to add your own tips below…



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