3rd sexiest knee captured on film

by Viv on October 3, 2008

Imagine my how my Friday afternoon was lifted when I found that my left knee had been captured in a photo on page 16 of the Sept/ Oct issue of HCM magazine – Claire Little of SHL deservedly getting centre stage in the photo as she was speaking at the ELN Showcase at the time.

Yes, this is the same knee that was once reputed to be the 3rd sexiest knee in the universe (well it was 20 years ago in the Watford area…).
For the record, no one know who the owner of the 4th sexiest knee was- but my right knee was never in contention, owing to a birth mark and some scarring.

A sobering thought: how much more ridiculously overexcited would I be if a picture showing all of me (clothed of course) was published?

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