Compliance e-learning: friend or foe

by Viv on July 24, 2007

In July/ August’s e-learning age Laura Overton writes “Compliance e-learning may help save costs but it is in danger of giving e-learning a poor reputation that might one day be the death of it” – I could not agree more.

For many professional firms compliance needs (such as Anti Money Laundering) have been met by e-learning. There are well-rehearsed, valid arguments about consistency of message and tracking of completion.

The most common pitfall is the communication that has been associated with the compliance e-learning – typically “stick” and no “carrot”. This is self-defeating as it is unlikely to motivate genuine lasting behaviour change amongst learners. Furthermore if it’s one of their first exposures to e-learning, then the organisational culture will tend to view e-learning badly e.g. it’s the dull stuff that I have to do by X, otherwise I’ll get loads of grief from Y. Poorly communicated compliance e-learning can set back the e-learning readiness of an organisation by years.

When I’m a judge for Compliance section e-learning age awards in the Autumn, I’m looking forward to seeing examples of e-learning that really give compliance a good name and hearing stories about how well the communication was needed.

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