Dialogomatic 2.0 launches on 1st April

by Viv Cole on April 1, 2014

Today I have been given exclusive reviewer access to the Beta version of Dialogomatic 2.0, the system that takes dialogue from a novel and at the click of a button can republish this as the script for self-paced e-learning, a stage play, music for a musical or as a comic strip.

Inspired by those awkward conversations with your boss’s boss whilst waiting for the lift which nonetheless could be full of learning potential, the University of Shamrock created Dialogomatic. Socratic dialogue has now reached new heights!

Bugs from earlier versions have been ironed out such as morose dialogue being automatically modulated into the key of D minor. Version 2.0 also includes responsive html so that your content can syndicated faster to different devices.

Professor Krench of the Shenley Institute of Pedagogy is quoted on the press release “Dialogomatic gives subject matter experts the opportunity to publish their knowledge in its purest form without it being distorted by context, practicality, media attributes or nuance. This is the biggest breakthrough since Powerpoint.”

Contact me if you’d like access to this exciting vision of how rapid publishing can multiply the noise of learning conversations effortlessly. #dialogomatic

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