Escaping from the compliance e-learning cul-de-sac

by Viv Cole on October 29, 2015

Much of the e-learning that professional firms offer is compliance-based. The risk is that poor compliance e-learning ends up tainting learners’ expectations of e-learning (this is sometimes referred to as the “compliance e-learning cul-de-sac”).

In an effort to promote better compliance learning as part of positively building organisations’ cultures of compliance, Towards Maturity and SAI Global have surveyed over 250 organisations and added qualitative depth to the research by facilitating face to face workshops. The resulting report can be found here.

To save you ploughing through the full 61 pages of report here are a few highlights that I trust you’ll find useful/interesting.

p19: 29% see their in-house e-learning as synonymous with compliance training  –  they are in “the compliance e-learning cul-de-sac”.

p20: Targeting learning by job role. Consistent with wider industry trend of personalisation. What more can you do to personalise the learning experience and thereby reduce the opportunity cost of sheep-dipping? Useful checklist:  “How can we make compliance training more relevant to individuals?”

p26: Channel 4 case study of an award winning campaign based approach – far more effective than the ‘inoculation’ approach to compliance e-learning.

p17: No surprise that high achievers of compliance initiatives report higher levels of management support than low achievers. p30 has a quick checklist of actions that will achieve more alignment.

p48: “Thoughts for the future.” A few predictions for change in compliance e-learning that could generate some extra ideas for you.

p49: “What must we do differently to develop a culture of compliance?” Ideas to save you some brainstorming time.

Do let me know what you find interesting when you read the report and if you have any questions.

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