Having an adult to adult conversation

by Viv on October 3, 2007

This month’s TJ talks about the classic framework for interpersonal behaviour, Transaction Analysis (TA), the one that categorises interactions in terms of Parent, Adult and Child states. I find myself referring to this model quite often, especially when it comes to the dissent between family members as to what arrangements we’re trying to make for Christmas

(e.g. “what those two need is to have an adult to adult conversation about what they really want…”).

So how does this apply to training? Well, you can apply TA to delegation, business development, time management, handling potentially difficult conversations more effectively, assertiveness…pretty much any interpersonal skills training that you’re involved in.

I’ll be going along to the Trainers & Developers Network meeting on 30 November to find out more about how TA can make a difference to training and organisations in general. The session will be facilitated by the excellent Anne Storey.

If you’re one of the first 3 people to contact me, you can be there for free…Parent: you’d be stupid to neglect your continuing professional development; Adult: it will give you some valuable insights; Child: it will be far more fun than a day in the office…

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