Managing for strengths at TDN

by Viv on November 19, 2008

On Friday 5th December you can take a breather from the general negativity that is surrounding us as the economic outlook continues to deteriorate. Whilst on a macro level the picture is gloomy, there’s no reason on the micro level why you and your organisation can’t thrive if managed effectively. Find out how at the Trainers & Developers Network. If you’d like to come along as my guest, just get in touch.

The session is called “Managing for Strengths” and will cover:

  • The business case for strengths
  • An overview of the strengths literature
  • An exploration of what this means for managers
  • Exercises for managers to run with their teams
  • An examination of people management from a strengths perspective

About the speaker:

Nicky Page is a chartered occupational psychologist and consulting director of CAPP (Centre for Applied Positive Psychology). Her particular areas of expertise include strengths-based selection and recruitment, leadership development and performance management. Nicky has worked on assignments with clients in America, Argentina, Canada, Nigeria and Venezuela, providing her with a strong understanding of global L&D issues and cultural differences. Nicky is currently working on positive psychology projects with AIB, Boehringer Ingelheim, Ernst & Young, Loughborough University and Norwich Union.

Along with Professor Alex Linley and Sue Harrington, Nicky is currently co-editing the Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology and Work which will be published by Oxford University Press in 2009. She has also published a number of articles relating to psychology, strengths and engagement in both journals and popular L&D magazines.

The event will be at ETI in Chancery Lane.

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