Pitfalls in mobile learning #2: What’s your user’s state of mind?

by Viv Cole on July 2, 2012

As people in business become ever more time-pressured, it’s harder for L&D to reach them with them with content that is useful. Mobile offers the opportunity to reach people in situations where they can’t/ don’t want to use their PC/ laptop. But before you rejoice at the prospect of being able to publish your existing content through another channel have a thought about the emotional/ psychological state that your target learner will be in when they get the content.

Two opportunities that mobile opens up are:

  • In the taxi on the way to a meeting
  • Waiting for a train/ plane

Stealing back on behalf of whoever Covey stole it from originally, in the first situation content needs to address what is Urgent and Important e.g. performance support/ key points that are highly relevant and quick to dip in and out of (task focus).  The second situation suits content which is Non-Urgent and Important. This is where learners will have more appetite for a deeper learning experience and be able to more reflective (personal development focus).

Before you publish via mobile, have a think about the Urgency of the content and the situation in which people will be reacting to it. Does it fit?  And if your content is not important, don’t use mobile at all! Remember pitfall #1.

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