Save yourself lots of time by not reading self-help books?

by Viv Cole on August 10, 2020

Over the years I’ve enjoyed/been guilty of reading many self-help books and the lockdown has been an opportunity to read several more. Chris Taylor┬ádistils the advice from hundreds of self-help books into 11 pieces of advice:

  1. Take one small step
  2. Change your mental maps
  3. Struggle is good. Scary is good
  4. Instant judgment is bad
  5. Remember the end of your life
  6. Be playful
  7. Be useful to others
  8. Perfectionism = procrastination
  9. Sleep, exercise, eat, chill out. Repeat
  10. Write it all down
  11. You can’t get it all from reading

These resonate well for me. The trick is to identify which of these tactics will best help you get ‘unstuck’ in whichever story you are creating for yourself. I trust you’ll find them a helpful checklist/reminder.

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