What will be hot in 2008?

by Viv on January 28, 2008

January is the time of year when you’ll read lots of predictions as to what will be hot in 2008 in L&D, so I thought it would be rude not to get into the act too. My methodology is surprisingly simple – take what two bodies who try to predict what conferences people will pay to attend have included in their programmes for the year.

The Trainers & Developers Network is serving up:

  • Improvisation for trainers
  • Impact of Web 2.0 on learning
  • Applied positive psychology
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step 2

    • The e-learning Network has:

      • Building learning communities
      • Rapid e-learning: dumbing down or gearing up
      • Thinking synch: live e-learning
      • Emerging technologies

      and webinars on Successful implementation of e-learning an Practical procurement.

      To see dates and other details of these events, see the TDN and ELN websites. I will also plug them from time to time on the Coleface.

      The common thread between these two programmes is ‘Web 2.0’. This buzzword is based on the idea that in their first incarnation, websites were like newspapers – a few authors published to many. Web 2.0 is the next generation of websites where users generate the content so that many publish to many e.g. blogs, wikis, on-line communities. The challenge for L&D professionals is how to utilise this new ways of using technology to promote learning as part of their suite of learning interventions.

      Hence my safe prediction for 2008 is that you’ll be hearing lots about web 2.0.

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