Wii Fit and compliance e-learning

by Viv on April 28, 2008

This weekend we visited friends for Sunday lunch who had just got a Wii Fit. What impressed me most (apart from the chance to practice downhill skiing) is how Nintendo have taken the mundane and much avoided task of exercise and turned it into something fun, whilst making a good few quid along the way. So how can this inform compliance e-learning?

Wii Fit seesm to encourage people to exercise by: making it fun, making it a social activity, allowing customisation the activity to each user, promoting competition, setting targets and giving clear measures of the progress that you’re making.

Although it’s far too early to tell whether Wii Fit will have an impact on the nation’s wellbeing, it’s worth pausing to think how many of the above ingredients you have incorporated into your compliance e-learning. Are there any improvements that you can design into the content and the process surrounding it?

Oh, and don’t forget (as Nintendo did n’t) a hefty marketing budget often helps…

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